Why Sennheiser Headsets of 2020 are Necessary for Home in the USA

For the last 75 years, the brand Sennheiser has given priority to sound and voice quality. Sennheiser Headsets incorporate enhanced ergonomics to produce innovative, intuitive, and stylish products which meet the requirements of customers to give fulfilling and rich experiences. The products of this brand have brought value not only in workplaces but in regular homes as well.

With the current global situation, most people are working from home, and if you want to strengthen your work ethics while spending less time, then Sennheiser should be your pick. The brand has launched new Sennheiser Headsets in USA for the running year that is delivering excellent performance.

Let’s take a look at some of the best 2020 products by Sennheiser.

1- Sennheiser HD 600

This headset is the favorite among many people, and it is no surprise because HD 600 gives a top-notch performance. But do note that these are only to be used in a home or any personal space because they have an open-back design, which means that the sounds are leaked through the headset.

They offer superb sound quality with dynamic bass range, high frequency, and neutral response. The comfort provided by this headset is unrivaled because the whole body, especially the headband and ear-cups, is made from soft foam. And since these are open-back headphones, your ears won’t get warm either by wearing it for long periods of time, which further adds to the comfort.

You can connect it with any device with the help of a 3.5mm adapter that comes along the headset. The soundstage is ideal as well. It is a dependable product and can be repaired easily. We can see why Sennheiser HD 600 are famous and well-liked by the public.

2- Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

Among the brand’s extensive headphones lineup, the HD 4.40 BT offers the best value. If you have a thing for bass sound, then this is the headphone for you because they have a feature of bass-heavy sound. Whereas the treble and

mid-range sounds are balanced as well, which improves the quality of bass. The addition of a free app by Sennheiser, known as CapTune, adjusts the EQ.

As for calls, this headset contains dual omnidirectional mics which enhance the call quality and voice controls. The comfort is matched with a super soft headband and ergonomically designed ear-cups. It has an around the ear, minimalist design, which comes in a black matte color. The battery life is very long, which goes for 25 hours of listening time after a single charge.

The perks given by this headset include the latest wireless technology, wireless Hi-Fi sound system, audio codec, and Bluetooth version 4.0 along with aptX for safe transmission. NFC allows fast and secure pairing with other devices. This headset provides the most balanced sound due to the closed-back design, which is fits with trademark Sennheiser drivers.

All the controls, buttons, and micro USB charging cable are arranged on the right ear-cup, and there is even a volume rocker button that is synced with mobile and adjusts by the phone’s master volume. A 3.5mm audio cable is also given with the headset.

You can travel anywhere with this headset because it is foldable and can be tucked away in the protective case which comes along with it. The headset is extremely easy to operate. All in all, the Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT has good value and an affordable price.

3- Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3

This headset delivers elegance with value. It has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 firmware and high-quality Bluetooth codec support, aptX LL, aptX and AAC for secure transmission, Multi-pairing with more than two devices and active noise cancellation. This headset is so efficient that it easily stands out in the market even from the worthy ANC headphones due to its mature design and audio ergonomics engineering.

Momentum Wireless has an Integrated ANC facility which lowers the high frequency and mid-range sounds. There are three ANC modes, which are anti-wind, anti-pressure, and maximum. Along with the sophisticated aesthetics of this headset, it has a super fast auto-connect technology. It is designed with true leather.

There are matte steel arms that move down from the headband and operate on a sliding mechanism for proper adjustment. Similarly, the ear-cups can rotate a bit too. The technology is so advanced with this headset that it has no power button. Instead, the device is powered down by folding the deluxe ear-cups neatly into the headband. The 3.5mm cable and USB-C are included as well.

The Sennheiser’s app is also joined with this headset which isn’t necessary to use in order for the device to work, but it offers numerous useful features such as EQ customizer, voice assistant and Transparent Hearing in which you can adjust the amount of external sound which you’d like to hear. Another impressive feature is the Tile Tracking, which shows you the location of your headset.

These were some of the best launches of the running year. It should be noted that Sennheiser also has VoIP Headsets that allow the user to carry out remote customer service. You can avail of your Sennheiser headset at FindHeadsets.

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