Types Of Demons In This World

From a demon who will enter your head and falsely make you change all your beliefs to a demon that will possess your entire body and make you do nasty, really horrible things. Today on Facts Basewe look at Types of Demons. As this article is based on different types of demons individually and what their specialist twistedness, I m going to keep it brief of what a demon is, it is a subject that is so wide it could easily make topics of other videos. There are many different lists and even subcategories over demons that vary over the centuries gone by, this is down to demons being involved in different religions, folklore, mythology, and literature.

A demon is basically a fallen, angel. One of God stop angels Lucifer, stated rebellion after falling out with god, other angels that joined Luciferin a rebellion that failed were then banished from heaven forever, these now fallen angles then became demons with the head demon being Lucifer who then became known as Satan, yes, he can also be known as a certain demon names you may have heard of who named  The Devil. Some may agree, some may not. Each demon is a specialist in a certain field, sometimes multiple fields, they still rebel against God by possessing mankind in their twisted ways and cause as much mayhem and misery as they can, they usually attack when the victims at their weakest.

There are hundreds of demons, so I cannot include all, but I have included some of the more twisted ones, so let’s take a look at what demons can do to you. Well start with a really badass demon that some of you will have heard of, his name is Pazuzu. Pazuzu is a demonic god and is big in the demonic underworld, he is the controller of the disastrous winds, droughts, and famine, even responsible for them big locust invasions that cause people harm, ruin and sometimes death. Remember the movie The Exorcist was that girl became possessed by a nasty demon? Well, that demon was Pazuzu who was obviously taking a break from changing the weather for the worse.

He is from the ancient Mesopotamian religion, with his dog-like face stands with his left arm down and right arm up connected to talons. There is a slightly better side to Pazuzu, there is a demon-goddess who is called Lamashtu, this twisted demon preys on the new-borns and even the unborn, Pazuzu regularly protects the young from her twisted demonic ways. Our next lusty demons are Succubus and Incubus, both are Lilin demons, a Lilin demon is a nasty spirit who preys on men and women sexually while they sleep.

Firstly, you haveSuccubus, she is the female that will attack men as they sleep, the male demon is called Incubus who attacks women while they sleep, both are supernatural demons and will give you mental deterioration or even death if too many encounters happen. There are said to look attractive but can also show their true figures in-between with feet like birds claws or horrible wrinkly fingers and nails fit only for a demon. The actual demon whose specialty in Eustis Asmodeus, he twists people’s sexual appetites, and afteryears of hell he is said to actually be on Earth. Moving on and next out of our demonic horror bag collection is ZoZo, this is the demon that you’ll be trying to contact when using an ouija board, no one is quite sure what ZoZo is although there are reports of a mystic named ZoZo who stole his wife’s soul a century ago, this demon can also go under the same name as the demon Abacuswho is also an Ouija board presence.

ZoZo is said to bring on depression, bad luck, and suicidal thoughts and is full of extremely bad things and negativity, to go with the negatively be wary of ZoZo using names like ZaZa, OZand MaMa, especially if you feel bad and the planchette moves in figure 8. Next up is Agares, this demon is a grand duke of hell, he shows himself as an old man who sits upon a crocodile type creature while having a hawk on his fist, he has great importance in the demon world as he controls 31 legions, any deserters that flee he will make them return, he is also master of earthquakes, teaching languages and granting titles within his legions. Our next demon is called Asag and is a monster, a really horrible demon, his presence is that disturbing that fish will automatically start to boil alive if he’s near a river.

He’s from Sumerian mythology, if he was to come into contact with you he will fill you full of head fevers that will be guaranteed to kill you and give you a slow painful death, he is also the constructor of mountains. This demon should need no introduction as he is up there or down there should I say with the biggest of demons, this demon is named Beelzebub which means lord of the flies, he was involved in with the original crowd of rebellious fallen angles and is just below Lucifer.

This greedy demon is the master of gluttony, so if you want your cake and eat it then he’s the man to see, hell be the demon that will make you want more even if you more than have enough of anything possible, too much greed can only lead to bad things and that’s what he will want. The main demon that started the whole rebellion and the leader in turning against heaven was Lucifer, once known as the morning star he was also second to Mr. Big himself, God. After losing a rebellion and becoming a fallen angel, he then became known as Satan and the devil.

Lucifer had a baby-like face although all that changed when he became you know who, turned red and then became a menace to everything created by God. One demon who was just below Lucifer and is certainly not one to be messed with is Leviathan, this was a huge sea demon and is the demon of envy. Leviathan can also cause havoc by eating god creatures. There were 3 in all that parted, the most well-known beingLeviathan and the most powerful.

Leviathan is the sea demon, Behemoth was the land demon and a large entity who look like a cross between an elephant, rhinoceros and a hippopotamus with maybe a bit of Buffalothrown in, and then there was the even lesser-known Ziz, an air creature that could block out the sun with its wingspan and was most commonly gave the appearance of a winged griffin creature. Up next is Sonneillon, this is the demon of hate, he thrives on people hating each other and malicious revenge, he will destroy anything positive and cause anything to hate-related and certainly promote it.

If you have committed fraud then you could well be having Pythius on your case, he is classed one the vilest demons from hell, even though he is a commander and one of the princes of hell he is defiantly still a hands-on type of demon, we will gain great personal pleasure by torturing all the fraudsters in hell with unimaginable, unbearable torture techniques, he also down in hell likes to eat up any sinner he may com across of he’s hungry. This demon is a true demon from hell, she’s called Abyzou and is a horrid female demon that specializes in miscarriages and is riddled with envy. Our next demon wants your soul, his name isRonove and he carries a bit of weight in the hell departments as he is a Great Earl of Hell, he’s a little monster looking creature that carries as staff like a stick,

once you’re are knocking on death’s door and are near death he will come to the surface of Earth and collect your soul if you are destined for an eternity of hell, he is that must of a soul scavenger he even takes animal souls too. Here we have Lady Midday, she is a demon from folklore and is very well known in Slavic speaking countries, she gets her name from appearing in the field around midday where people are working, if Lady Middayappears usually as a young lady or old hag but always in white, she will ask the workers questions, the workers like to have a clear head as if the worker gets the questions wrong well then shell simply just cut off your head because she can.

This next demon is known as The Red Death, his name is Merihem when the war between heaven and the now fallen angels was taking place he upset the grim reaper who ended his existence on heaven, he was then cursed and then went mad, he ended up becoming one of the princes from hell and has a heavy involvement of being a demon of violence, even suicides in some cases but mostly violence. Belial is massive in the demon world, so big that he said to be next to Lucifer at one stage also having control over 80 legions. He is the demon of lies, described as real lord of all evils, he can be that evil there were reports of him being Lucifer’s father and he was him that tempted Lucifer to start the rebellion.

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