Tips To Look Attractive at ANY Age

Hi, ladies and welcome to this article, today I’m sharing with you 10 ways to dress sexy at any age, I don’t know why when I was younger, I thought that there was a certain age you reached. Maybe it was 40, where you like had to cut your hair and had to modify the way you dressed and fast forward now that I’m 44.

I feel more vibrant and youthful than I ever thought I would feel, I don’t want to dress in the land of frump. You know I want to look modern and current and sexy and retain a little bit of hotness while I still can and I’m sure a lot of you feel that way too. You know you’re, just because you’re in your 40s or your 50s or your 60s doesn’t mean you can’t look like a total smoke show right? check out some sexy girl names for motivation.

I’m gonna tell you a really quick story, so when I was younger and I was in my 20s. I remember very strategically dressing and styling myself in a way that downplayed any sex appeal, to the point where I remember doing this interview. With a guy, that was making his Broadway debut and I went to his apartment and we talked about all the training that went into it, and it was a great interview, really had a great time. But it was a very intimate setting at his apartment. so we really connected, had a great interview so later that night was the Tony Awards, and I covered the Tony Awards and I saw him on the red carpet and I was like hey how are you! It’s so great to see you! And he literally didn’t recognize me. So that’s how much I used to downplay it because I felt like in order to be taken seriously I had to dress very conservatively and look conservative.

I also feel like during those younger kiddo years you know when you’re really in the weeds, and you know what I’m talking about if you have kids like those first five years. You just don’t care it’slike you’re in survival mode and you just gotta do what you can do to survive and so now I’m sort of out of the weeds I’m not in that early stage anymore. Also, read- Swahili girl names

I’m older and now I want to look sexier, and I want to dress in a way that makes me feel like good and sexy, and like a woman and feminine and a little hot do you know what I mean? And I’m sure a lot of you feel that way too so the question is how do you do that in a way that’s also not over the top. Not stepping over any lines, that’s subtle, that’s still sophisticated, that’s still elegant, andI’m gonna show you 10 ways to very simply do that, I think it’s gonna be a great help guide for you guys, and yeah just let me know if you have any questions afterward.

Let’s get started. So the first way that you can add a little sexy to your outfit or to the way that you’re dressing is to wear something that’s off the shoulder or one shoulder, this is still very much on-trend. There is no better body part for a woman to show off at any age than the chest and the shoulders.

It’s just such a gorgeous part of a woman’s body in general and then it stays gorgeous as we get older. So definitely play up that trend, off-shoulder, one-shoulder, you know bras are always an issue with that style of the shirt so what you can do is wear a tank or wear a camisole underneath and so that way you can still wear your regular bra, ordo a really pretty bra strap like a Marie Joe bra, they’re a little pricey but that bra strap’s so pretty it’ll look intentional. So that’s a way you can get around that.

But definitely work that trend, use it, wear it out to dinner, wear it to parties it’s super sexy and such a great look. (exciting techno music) The next tip I wanted to share with you is wearing something that shows off a little bit of the girls like this is something that we have as women, that men don’t have and that we can maximize. Also, read- stripper names

You know, show off a little bit. I’m not talking about you know letting it all hangout but you know there are some beautiful plunging necklines now if you’re smaller busted I feel like those plunging necklines look so elegant and chique, if you’re bigger busted maybe you could do something like this where it’s a plunging neckline that also has the lace-up detailing so there’s a bit more coverage there.

You could do a camisole like that. You could do a v neck that’s maybe a little bit deeper than normal or av neck with a camisole lace peeping out, there are ways that you can work the chest that is tasteful, classy but still, super sexy and hot. (exciting techno music) Okay, the third tip is definitely one of those no brainers but it’s worth repeating and that is wearing heels.

I think if you ask any man out there, not that we’re dressing for them but it’s a good frame of reference, heels are where it’s at, and I do feel like when I wear a pair of heels I feel like I can take on the world and I’m taller and longer, and slimmer and more confident, I notice that shift in myself when I wear heels, so heels are just the easiest thing that you can do to kind of turn up the volume on the sexy, and if you can’t wear heels.

You know just look for an areally sexy pair of flats, and they exist, they’re hard to find but they do exist. (exciting techno music) the next tip is to wear leather, any kind of leather and it doesn’t have to be real leather it can be faux leather, no a problem. But like leather, faux leather pants. Leather, faux leather skirts, maybe a leather jacket just leather there’s something about it. It’s the texture, it’s the touch it’s the way it fits and hugs your body, itis so sexy and so edgy and so modern, so just add some leather. It doesn’t even have to be a full piece it can be like, a garment with leather panels in it or something like that. But that definitely will dial-up that sexy.

The next way that you can dress sexy at any age is to wear a pencil skirt, pencil skirts are so figured flattering and feminine and they highlight the hips, butt, and waist. Which is what makes us women we have that hourglass or we can create the hourglass shape and the pencil skirt does that beautifully and it really hugs the body and the way it nips in at the knees, it’s just such a lovely feminine option and super sexy, and I did a recent blog post with Express where I showed a faux leather pencil skirt with a chunky knit sweater and it still looked sexy. So you could pretty much pair that pencil skirt with anything and it’s still gonna look sexy.

Even a giant oversized chunky knit sweater. But that gives you the idea and at least it demonstrates what I’m talking about with the power of the pencil skirt. (exciting techno music) The next tip to dress sexy at any age is to play up or maximize your assets, whatever that is. So if you have phenomenal legs, you wear a skirt or a shorter skirt. If you have amazing shoulders you wear a halter neckline, if you have an amazing chest maybe you do off-shoulder or one shoulder.

If you have awesome arms and you don’t love your shoulders maybe you do the sleeveless dress. If you have a teeny teeny tiny waist and that’s your asset then wear waist belts. Wear obi belts, wear sashes, like really highlight that waist. So just thinking about what is my favorite thing about my body and then really playing up that part.

The next tip I wanted to share is the power of the tuck, very specifically trucking in your shirt and what tucking in your shirt does is it highlights the waist and you’ll start to notice a pattern here any time we’re highlighting the feminine shape that definitely brings about more femininity brings about more sexiness. So when you tuck in a shirt, even if it’s a white button-down, you could tuck in a white button-down shirt you highlight the waist, throw on a pair of heels have a couple of buttons undone, a little lace Cammy peeping out underneath the shirt and that is sexy! I mean you could make a white button-down look sexy it’s a very effortless casual but sexy outfit to put together, so its those little details.

It’s that little thing that makes the difference. The tucking in of the shirt, the unbuttoning of a couple of buttons, wearing that little lace Cammy or bralette peeping out. You know the leather detailing, the necklines, the cutouts, the panels, all of those little details. It definitely makes a huge impact on how the overall look is and how sexy that look is.

The next way to dress sexy at any age is to wear a fitted dress. I love a fitted dress, I love the fitted dress especially if it’s conservative, and what I mean by that is if it has sleeves, and it’s longer because it feels like you’re getting so much coverage because you are. But then it highlights the shape. Now, this is something that not everyone can probably wear especially if you’re carrying weight through the middle and if that’s the case, instead of a body-hugging fitting garment.

You do body-skimming, skimming over the body, and maybe playing around with design details that will camouflage whatever it is you’re trying to camouflage. But the body-hugging, fitting, skimming dress will highlight your shape, will create that feminine hourglass shape and definitely whoop, turnup the sexy, for sure. I love this next tip because it’s so simple it feels conservative and sophisticated but then it still oozes sexiness and that is wearing a top or blouse or dress that is sheer.

It can have a sheer panel somewhere, it could have sheer sleeves could be sheer all over. Any kind of sheer garment definitely brings a sexy quality to your overall look. Here is an example of a really simple basic black crew neck sweater, but it has a sheer panel in the shape of a triangle down the front, and that is so so sexy. So just thinking about again, those subtle tweaks that you can make those subtle details that you can look for in your garments when you want to dress ina way that’s a little bit more modern, and a little bit sexier.

The last tip, number 10 is probably the most important of the tips and that is to have confidence. When you own a look and you feel it. Do you know what I mean? Like you put something on and you’re like yeah, alright whoo yeah, ready to go! Maybe you don’t make all of those horrendous noises but you know what I mean.

You’re feeling it, you feel great in it. That will make a huge difference, on how the overall look is perceived, you will look sexier, feel sexier, be sexier so just be thinking about that. If something isn’t quite making you feel that way, start over, try again pull something else out of the closet. So I think that confidence, posture, your hair obviously has a big part of it. You know long hair is great but you don’t have long hair, but that sort of effortless tussled wave is really sexy.

But thinking about the styling of your hair also is part of that overall look is important, you know some of us to know or have a friend that just whatever they put on they look sexy. I’m sure guy guys know somebody like that. I sure do, but most of us aren’t like that. I am definitely not like that. I gotta work a little bit harder at being sexy and I’m sure that many of you are in that same boat too.

So if you use these tips and think about these tips and certainly use them when you’re out there shopping for new garments and thinking about the details I talked about, they’re tiny, minor tweaks that you can make that will definitely turn it up a notch and so I just wanted to share that with you all.

I do think it’s important that at any age, we feel sexy, and that we feel attractive and that we feel pretty, and we feel a little hot, do you know what I mean? Like it’s silly to think that, that is behind us and that those days are over. We’re still very vibrant and we’re still very active and we’re still very healthy, and we’re still very fit. Let’s celebrate that, let’s dress how we feel on the inside that’s all I’m saying.

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