The ultra-chic and ultra-modern Bathroom that will make you want it!

The ultra-chic and ultra-modern Bathroom that will make you want it!

If I asked you which two places in your home need to be the cleanest at all times, what will your answer be?

I know some of the cleanliness fanatics are going to say that the entire house needs to be pristine, without a spot of dirt anywhere. For the working class like me, maintaining that level of spotlessness is close to impossible.

So, coming back to the question, what is your answer going to be?

For me, the two places are;

One is where I cook meals;

And the second is where I clean myself;

So, that means the kitchen and the bathroom need to be the cleanest and hygienic places in our homes. The living room can be dirty and a mess, but these cannot be. If they are, then our health is going to in a direct line of attack Loanstore.

Trust me, cleaning these places is much better than enduring food poisoning and a UTI, I speak from personal experience.

That is why I thought of informing all of you about a bathroom that is so self-sufficient that it can easily clean itself on its own. I found it utterly cool to use a millennial term.

Here are some of the attributes of the smart bathroom, the installation of which can mandate you are getting instalment loans for bad credit from direct lenders. Don’t worry, the benefits of doing it will trump taking on debt, plus the flexible instalments make it extremely convenient to repay.  

The Touchless Technologies

The smart bathroom has been an awe-inspiring experience to people like me, who are used to shower curtains and tiny mirrors on the wall.

This bathroom could easily compete with the celebrity bathrooms visible on the Vogue Beauty Secrets videos on YouTube, if not in space than at least in technology.

One reason for that is the touchless aspect of the modern bathroom. Every tiny part of this room is going to have a sensor that is going to detect your presence and make it easy for you to use it without actually touching anything.

  • Faucets

The faucets do not need to be turned on or off using your hand.

All you have to do is put your hands under it, and it would turn on the water when you take your hand away, it would automatically turn off.

  • Toilet

The toilet seat is the same way. Imagine answering nature’s call, without touching a single thing in the bathroom, won’t that be amazing?

  • You do not need to put up the lid or put down the seat;
  • you do not need to turn on the jet;
  • you do not need to use toilet paper;
  • the smart toilet will wash you and dry you without you doing anything, except what you are going to do on the toilet, of course.
  • Shower

The shower has adopted the same technology. However, you might need to set a timer for it to end, using the fancy LCD that comes along it.

The Heated Solutions

From no contact, let us move on to no chills. The UK can be extremely cold in the winters and autumn and spring and sometimes even in summers.

The heat in our homes protects us from the cold; however, it isn’t able to do much in our bathrooms. Therefore, the smart bathrooms have come up with a solution that will make bearing the cold more than bearable in our cold-cold bathrooms.

  • Heated Floors

Yes, you read it right; today, technology has advanced so much that we can enjoy the luxury of heated floor tiles in our bathrooms.

These need to be installed separately, and they work using electric in-floor heating pads that are installed under the tiles. So that when you step out of a hot shower, you do not need to hop on to the cold floor.

  • Heated Toilet

For me, this is a personal favourite.

The toilet seat’s cold plastic made me put warm socks over it, whenever I had to get up to use the toilet at night. Little did I know that the technological geniuses would create a solution for the likes of me and many more?

 The heated toilet does not have to come with a complete set. You can buy it and very conveniently attach it in place of your existing toilet seat. The temperature control in them allows you to use them throughout the year.

  • Heated Showers

Now this one is not as surprising as the others because we have been using it for decades. However, the ease of controlling the temperature and the longevity of the hot water running over you. The shower is a welcome addition to the existing technology.

  • Heated Towels

The only thing that was left to be heated was the towels.

You can either have the heated pads installed in your bathroom, on which you can keep your towels to warm up or you can install an entire cabinet that will act as a heating drawer for your towels. So, you do not have to let go of the warmth you secured on your body after a shower.

Winding Up

In the end, I do want to say that I feel like I have just covered the tip of the iceberg, the size Titanic hit on its maiden voyage.

There are so many more technologies that have been created to make the bathroom experience more delightful than it already is.

The cooling cabinet cum refrigerator to keep your medication inside;

The smart lighting that turns on and off when arrive and leave the space;

The waterproof TV mounted on the bathroom wall to make you catch up on the daily news while showering;

The Bluetooth connectivity and speakers in the shower itself will let you play music while you bathe, shower, or do your makeup.

Like I told you, just the tip of the iceberg; there are more, and there will continue to be more developments to make the bathroom the most valued space in your home.

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