Starting your own Motorbike Club

Starting your own motorbike club is the new start of a new experience that will take you places, literally! A bike club consists of individuals who live on their passion and love for bikes and riding. You get to meet many riders and other influential folks from your town, eager and gearing up for road trips. This way you can attend bike conventions, competitions, and other cool events.  You should even start a small club within your friend or family circle. Here is Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service’s tip on starting your own bike club. 

Know your Club:

There are basically two different kinds of club; one is the Riders Club and the other, Motorbike Club (MC). The riders club is for a group of close related people who ride together and go on road trips.  A proper motorbike club consists of brand owners and other influential members who carry out more events apart from bike riding. These clubs are also registered and welcome members with different bike brands sometimes. This will help you figure out kind of bike club you want to establish.

 Helpful Research:

There are couple key things you need to unearth.  You need to choose a location to start the club. Then research about other bike clubs around, particularly the 1% dominant bike clubs. To get registered you need to find and head your town’s bike or rider’s association. You need to know if your club allows all brands or are specific about it.

Understanding the Mission & Purpose:

This part is all about figuring out why you want to start your motorbike club in the first place. Is it for leisure? It is about venturing to new places? There are many reasons to start a club and you need to find what you motorbike club stands for.

Creating an Identity:

Your motorbike club should be unique and should have every biker wanting to join it. So, get creative and come up with an identity. It all starts with the name, logo, mission statement etc. In the long run, you can even come up with club merchandise and other products. This identity will be carried by your club members. This is where you meet potential committee members for your club.


Once every aspect of the identity part is decided and taken care of, your club is now ready for getting official. Registering will require documents objective proposal and other documents. This will qualify your club for legal benefits.

Recruiting & Spreading Word:

Your close friends and relatives are undoubtedly the first members of your club. More members will join once you spread the word out through meetings, events, social media etc. Make acquaintance with new riders and share your thrill for bikes. In no time your motorbike club will grow. If you’re in Bangalore and in need of a bike service, contact Hoopy Doorstep Bike Service, the best service in town!

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