On Page Seo Techniques 2020 For Rank Your Post With 18 Checklist

Hello Friends Through this post we will talk about On-Page Seo Techniques 2020 and how we apply it so that our website will rank at the top in Google Search Engine.

We will look at those points so that we can improve On-Page Seo in our blog post. There are Three Main parts to ranking any Website Optimization in Google.

On Page Seo

On Page Seo

If the technical Seo of your website is good.  So this does not mean that your website will start ranking on Google. This means that your website is Visibility to rank in Google.

Let’s talk about On-Page Seo. On-page SEO tells on which topic has the post been written to Search Engine And which keywords should rank? In which you will have to put every page of your website on the page so that it can be indexed correctly. On-Page Seo is very important. It takes very little time And it has to be done only once.

If your website is not ranked by On Page Seo, then we have to do Off Page Seo. So we have to make High-Quality Backlinks. You will find many articles and tutorials about backlinks on Youtube and Google. Which you can learn more about Backlinks.

Now know about detailed On Page Seo. To do On-Page Seo we need three things that improve Seo. Let’s understand them one by one. 

Content With Images – Your content must be unique and high quality. It should not contain copied content. One can use the free plagiarism tool to check this. You can check on some of the given sites. Like small SEO tools, etc. If your post has copied content, then your post will not rank in Google. High-quality content means that the content that is not on your site and the user is satisfied with your content, understand it well.

The length of your content should be from 1500 to 1800 words. You will also have to create an image for your post. You have to use copyright-free images in the post which you will find on many websites. Like – 

Target Keywords – You have to keep a list of keywords on which to rank a post. You will find out that Keyword Research. Your keyword research should be perfect so that you cannot miss an imported keyword. There are many tools available for Keyword Research. Like – 

Yoast Plugin – Install Yoast Plugin on your website. Now we have the Yoast Plugin and also Unique Content and Keywords. Let us now discuss one by one about how they do On Page Seo. 

On-Page Seo related Important points are written below. That we have to focus on.

On Page Seo Techniques

1. Use Main Keyword & Modifiers – The title of the post has to be written in such a way that attracts it, so for the main keyword, the secondary keyword should also use the post title. We understand this by example.

Main Keyword is “Free SSL Certificate” And Secondary is “Best Free SSL Certificate” So we can write it like this Best Free SSL Certificate for Website

2. Post Url Short – Make Post URL Short & Clean And Use Primary Keywords In A Slug. like – “Whats is Keywords”

3. Primary Keywords – If possible, try to use the primary keyboard in the first paragraph and the last paragraph. That can be easily understood.

4. Main Keyword Density –  Keep The Keyword Density Of Primary Keywords Around 0.5%

5. Heading & Sub-Headings – Try To Use Your Primary Keywod In 1 or Sub-Headings.

6. Secondary Keywords Density – Keep Keywords Density Of Secondary Keywords Between 0.2% to 0.5%

7. Use Image – Use Your Primary Keywords As An Alt Tag For The First Image.

8. Meta Title – Try To Frontload Primary Keyword & Modifiers In The Meta Title

9. Meta Description – Use Primary Keywords & Try To Use All Keywords In The Meta Description. Keep the meta description length to approximately 135-160 characters.

10. Use Shorter Paragraphs

11. Use H1 for Title And Headings H2 to H6 In The Content.

12. Highlight or Use Different Colors For Important Words

13. Add Internal Links Wherever Possible

14. Add Actionable High DA External Where Demanded

15. Use CTR Magnate Meta Title & Description

16. Use Social Share Buttons In The Post

17. Improve Page Speed.

18. Improve Bounce Rate 

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