A Non Surgical Procedure To Attain Weight Loss Result

Non Surgical Weight Loss – Endoscopic therapies are robust, nonsurgical sleeve gastrectomy procedures, helping to boost up weight loss outcomes. Though this procedure is not a cure for obese issues,  yet endoscopy, when implemented effectively, can provide a fantastic way for the attainment as well as the continuation of weight loss results. With the effective implementation of this procedure, patients achieve the results of reducing 8% to 20% of their total body weight on average. 

What do you understand by Endoscopic Therapy? 

The effectiveness of endoscopic therapy aims to use flexible scopes that act as an introduction to the openings of the natural body. Instances are the mouth or throat. The usage of these openings doesn’t require to draw an incision. These therapeutic endoscopies are often utilized with both conventional openings or with minimally invasive procedures to complete diagnosis activities for the objective of treating conditions. This brings the excellent platform to the patients to heal at a quicker pace and feeling less pain so that the treating patients can limp towards the normal lives as quickly as possible.

A couple of Advantages of Nonsurgical (Endoscopic) Obesity Treatment

Patients who adopt therapies endoscopically for the practical result of weight loss techniques have a wide array of benefits over numerous other weight-loss deliverables. Instances are enumerated down:

Quicker Recovery: One of the fantastic advantages after opting for this procedure is its quick recovery, as almost all patients except few as an exception can go home either on the treatment day or the next day after the procedure has been successfully executed.

No Fear of Any Incision: the procedure of endoscopy is executed without creating any incision over part of your body. This is done by penetrating the scope through the passage of your mouth in order to get complete access to your stomach.

Reversible: Doctors never do the activities of eradicating or rearranging the intestinal tract for any sort of procedure. That’s why it is reversible. 

Becoming the Reason for Improving Co-Morbidities: Studies have revealed the desired result of weight loss with the aid of endoscopy can emasculate health risks concerning diabetes, high blood pressure, the elevated level of cholesterol, sleep apnea, and acid reflux, etc. 

Varieties of Procedures Endoscopically for Weight-Reduction Result

As one of the only programs currently that is offered is the endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG) procedure.  Apart from executing a wide array of procedures in order to fulfill the patients’ needs in the best possible fashion, these professionals also deliver the services of clinical trials, ensuring them for availing the advantage from newly-advanced treatment solutions that is not available on the market so easily at present.

Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) Procedure As A Result-Oriented Endoscopy

The procedure of sleeve gastroplasty endoscopically is rated as one of the best endoscopic procedures when it comes to putting off some amount of body weight. It unfolds the desired result for the patients who wish to lose 40 to 60 pounds or around 20% of their body weight.

Advance research has revealed that the weight loss that has been attained with the aid of a sleeve gastroplasty procedure can endure for more than two years.

It can also make better other medical complexities brought on by adding excess body weight, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure, etc.

 Another Endoscopic Procedure Known as Intragastric Balloon (IGB) To Benefit Weight Loss Result

This is frequently referred to as the “weight loss balloon.” Through the aid of this procedure endoscopically, saline or gas-filled balloons are installed in your stomach on an interim basis for the spell of six to eight months, and this helps impressively reducing the weight of your body. 

The overall area of the stomach balloon measuring about the size of a grapefruit occupies around one-third of the space of your whole stomach. It acts as a motivator for the smaller portion sizes of your stomach, thereby reducing the food intake you take earlier and also giving you the feeling of fulfilling your hunger. Also, Read – Mishka IVF Center Jaipur

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