How is Artificial Intelligence Taking over Mobile Technology?

Artificial intelligence has made it easy for human beings to interact with machines and devices. It has greatly enhanced the experience with customers whether it is about travel, utility or advertisement machinery. Artificial intelligence assimilates enormous amounts of information within seconds and makes decision making really easy and fast for you. It is much more than just smart technology. AI can bring various industries together and they can run in alliance with each other. The world is changing rapidly with the help of this and technologies are being brought together to create something that could only be imagined in sci-fi movies. Many industries have been opting for AI in order to improvise their services and there has been a significant transformation till then.


Since the chatbots have evolved and came into the marketplace the user’s satisfaction has increased Chat bot is probably one of the best applications that are based on Artificial intelligence and are used as a bridge between businesses and customers. Chatbots are famous for offering customers an impressive experience for conversation. Their 24/7 availability is what is best about them. Moreover, with every interaction the query response is improved to make it better for the next customer.

Improving Search Experience:

Artificial intelligence has introduced a new way by which people can search via images and voices. With the development of artificial intelligence in mobile applications, it has been a must for the developers to involve image recognition systems and voice recognition systems in these new smartphones. All of this is making life very easy for people all around the world.

AI + IoT:

With the improvement, AI is used with IoT to make the overall experience best for the smartphone user and create an interaction that is hassle-free. AI helps mobile applications to improvise themselves when they exchange information with other devices. This makes the experience more worthy and necessary, so that the devices can learn on their own.

Personalized Apps:

The experience of having personalized apps is also changed with the introduction of AI in the tech world. Various mobile app development companies incorporate artificial intelligence indoor apps so that people can make location-based searches.

A is also responsible for collecting data off users purchase history and compiles them with other data that is obtained from online traffic. This makes it easy for the device to analyze the user’s behavior and take necessary actions when needed. With this users are able to make decisions through AI empowered applications. With the help of this, the scrolling time has also been decreased very much for the users of these AI empowered applications.

High App Authentication:

The technology that is affected or empowered the most by this AI is of cyber security. With the everyday use of technology cyber threats are increasing every day for the users. AI has proved out to be a very helpful Technological advancement for that matter. It has reduced the security issues and alerts the users within seconds about probable threats and vulnerabilities.

Machine learning and predictive analysis can help to predict the threats that can arise in the future and this artificial intelligence also suggests you with methods that can improve the experience.

AI holds a bigger responsibility when we talk about cybersecurity. With the growing technologies and the usage of mobile, we need an advanced level of data security. While developing mobile apps, security is the biggest concern for a mobile app developer. AI has comparatively reduced the security issues by alerting the user about probable threat and vulnerability by analyzing the user behavior.

Wrapping up:

It is not hard to say that with the progressive growth of artificial intelligence in today’s time, advertisements and influencers are using the technique of micro targeting to expand their range. It was expected that by 2020 almost 30% of the companies will use artificial intelligence to enhance their sales and we already see it happening.

AI will soon be incorporated in the 5G smartphones that will provide a lot of benefit to the phone manufacturers and also to their users. It gives an advanced personalized experience and all the businesses around the world are taking advantage of this technology.

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