Important measures for Phone Store owners to follow post COVID-19

All around the world everyone is experiencing the coronavirus pandemic differently. It depends on the country/city/ state you operate in. As there are some countries that have recovered from it and their stores might be on the path to resume their business. Add the countries are lifting log down It is important for the store owners that are visited by so many people to take precautionary measures. They should implement new policies and safety measures as they return to their work. As this deadly pandemic has already made so many lives difficult so it is good that all the precautionary measures should be taken from time to time.

Here is a list of action steps that a cell phone repair store owner should take before opening the store. These should be displayed on the door for customers so that they can walk in and read all of this. Here are some health guidelines and SOPs that the customers and store owners should follow.

“No Item Sharing” Rule

It is always considered a nice gesture to share things but keeping in view the deadly effects of this pandemic no item sharing rule should be encouraged. The repair store specialist should wear gloves all the time and only get in contact with the devices that he has to repair. The owner should Sanitize all the devices and then start repairing them. A least exposure to shared objects will prove out to be helpful to control the spread of viruses. A sanitizer should also be placed on the door so that the customers can get their hands on it before entering the store.

Reorganize your floor plan

With the coronavirus there has been a plan To ensure 6 foot distance between Everyone so that the virus cannot spread. Store Owners can Mark circles for their customers 6 feet away from each other in order to prevent further spread. They can also distance their counters and racks from the customers. work should be divided between the workers so that there cannot be a gathering that can be a reason for the virus to spread. all of this should be mentioned on the list of SOPs for customers to follow it properly.

Invest in Sanitizing and Cleaning Procedures

As mentioned earlier, it is very important to properly clean and sanitize everything you use. The virus spreads from almost every surface and it is very important to keep every surface clean. Store owners should have sanitizers available at their stores so that the customers can use them whenever they want and there will not be a risk for the virus to get transferred so easily.

Compulsion of wearing masks:

It should be mentioned on the list in clear words that customers cannot enter the repair store without wearing masks. Mask is considered very significant and it prevents the virus from transferring from breath. Anyone not wearing a mask should be sent out from the store and advised to come back with a mask on.

After you have taken all the precautionary measures you should ask yourself some questions:

  • Is there any personal equipment that the staff has touched if yes then it should be cleaned right away to reduce the transmission of infection?
  • How can I minimize staff exposure to one another by not firing the employees?
  • Where should be the hand sanitizer kept so that the maximum number of people can reach it?
  • What instructions should be on the SOP’s list?
  • What are the equipment cleaning methods that should be considered to keep them clean from COVID-19 or other germs?
  • Can an online training session be conducted for the public about the virus and its spread?

This is the only solution through which the virus can be controlled otherwise the spread of this virus is so deadly that it can affect millions of people in just some minutes. If you can answer all these questions, you can reopen our cell phone repair store by following these steps.

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