How To Start A Motivational Blog

How To Start A Motivational Blog – There is a lot of compilation in today’s world, due to which they are being demotivated. To motivate a lot of people, there is a need for Motivational. 

There is a lot of Motivational Channels on YouTube for anyone who inspires people to grow, so you  Let’s create a blog. Write people’s Quotes and write biographies of successful people. 

How To Start A Motivational Blog

You can earn from the blog by posting a story of successful people. So let’s see some such successful websites that write about Quotes And Biography. There is such a website.

Very little SEO has been done on all these websites. Even then there is a lot of traffic. If you want to Make a Website on it.?

  • Domain – You will book a domain that contains Quote word. So it will affect Impact very well on Seo And also helps in better ctr in SERP. 
  • Resources – Subscribe to all Facebook Page & Groups, Pinterest, Instagram And Blogs that provide Quotes. 
  • SEO – focus on-page Seo and basic Backlinks. 

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