How To Make PNR Status Website

How To Make PNR Status Website

How To Make PNR Status Website – This is the second-best Niche for Blogging on which 2.5 lakh people of India travel every day on the train.

They book their tickets, they are waiting, or they have confirmed they come to the website to check whether their ticket has been confirmed.

PNR Status Website

But there are many websites that are using the tool of train on your website for the Status so that one can go to this website and check their PNR status directly. Website like

To check this thing is searched in millions. I will use ahrefs to know about this, if I go to the keyword of ahrefs and search for the PNR Code, then see that there is a million traffic on the PNR Keyword.

The Seo of this is not very good and the quality of the backlinks of this is also not good, so Seo is neither good nor can you make a blog or website in which you can use the tool to check the PNR Status of the people. If you come to lakhs, you can make the right income

So come see what is required to do to work on the PNR Status website, the list of that is given below.

  • Domain Name – Try for keywords like PNR Status, PNR Enquiry, etc in Domain.
  • PNR check Plugin – Contact locally Developed or From Fiverr. Or Use WordPress Railway PNR Status Plugin.
  • Blog – Start a separate blog And Publish 2-3 Post Monthly to update.
  • On-page Seo – Keep PNR check tool on Home Page And focus on on-page Seo.
  • Off-Page Seo – Just Basic free Links that you will see in my Seo post.

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