How to make Ombre Rosette Cake

Today we are going to make a Rosette Cake! You can actually use this cake for any occasion Make it any color that you want Any flavor that you want Today I’m gonna make it for the birthday!

Today you will need a mixer, a mixing bowl, a spatula, 2 cake mixes since there is 2 cake mixes We will double all the ingredients To 2/3 cup oil, 2 cups of water, 6 eggs We need two 9 inch cake rounds, some cooking spray, For decorating we will need 3 mixing bowls, Cake leveler, 3 spoons, 2 little baby spoons, Icing tip 1M, 3 icing bags, I’m using violet for my coloring, I have a sparkly little ribbon there. the purple color is very famous and attractive that’s why peoples love the names that mean purple.

I will put the link down below I have my Happy New Year’s stick in there I will put a link down below also And a big ol’ tube of decorating icing And I also have my little caddy back there. So I can take it to the party! So Let’s Get Lucky! First, we’re gonna grab our cake mix Today I’m using chocolate, Because what better way To ring in the birthday with some chocolate!

But you can do any flavor that you would like! Oil Water 6 eggs And now we get to mix it up And we need to pray that it doesn’t explode cause it’s so full. But I think we’ll be ok! Now that that’s all mixed up we will put it in our pans. So I have my cooking spray and I have 2 cake rounds We’re actually gonna do four cakes So we will be doing this twice So we gonna separate this out in quarters (POP).

So let’s spray our pans So we have those covered nicely So I am going to just eyeball About a fourth of the batter for each pan And then we’ll bake these And I will come back and throw it in again So let’s do it! So I got them poured in I’m gonna tap them on the table a little bit To get some air bubbles out So they rise evenly as much as possible. Ok, I’m gonna throw these in the oven At 350 for about 25-30 minutes And I will come back and do it again And then I will be back when All four cakes are baked and cooled.

So we can start decorating with our beautiful rosettes! Alrighty, I am back I have my four cakes here They actually did end up doming Ummm… So I guess we’ll just have to deal with that I guess our little pitty-pat did not work! Oh well! So we’re gonna take them out And we’re gonna level them off Came right out isn’t that nice. So we have our awesome little cake leveler here So we’re just gonna scooch right along And get these babies level.

Alright got them all leveled off So we’re just gonna set those aside And now we get to make the icing! So like I said I am choosing to do purple today Cause that’s my favorite color But you can do whatever color you want. We have our 3 bowls Because we are actually gonna make this ombre. So our lowest level is going to be the darkest Then it will get lighter, and lighter So we actually will top it off with the lightest color. So we need the most of that Because we are going to use that In between the layers As a crumb coat and have the most rosettes.

So that is going to be our primary color But we need a little bit of the other ones just to make a nice row all the way around So I have my big old’ tube of icing We have 2 cups, this is for the dark We have 2 cups for the medium color, We will probably do about 4-5 cups for the lightest color Since we are using it for so much stuff Ok, I think that’s good!

I’m gonna start mixing with the lightest So that I can just keep on using the beaters throughout all of them and it won’t make much of a difference Alright so I have all my colors mixed in. So I just used a little bit for the lighter, A little bit more for the medium And a little bit more for the darkest And they came out beautifully. So whatever color you’re using it’ll work fantastic!

Now we get to stack our cakes Put a little of the lighter icing in between Stack, lighter icing, stack and then crumb coat! Alright so I have the crumb coat done And I’m gonna go throw this in the freezer For just a few minutes to get it hardened up a little bit Alright back from the freezer So let’s start our rosettes. So we’re gonna start with the bottom layer Which is our darkest Let me throw that in a bag We have our 1M tip Do a little snippy at the end Perfect! And let’s filler ‘er up! Ok so what you want to do is you wanna squeeze it in Pop-out, and go all the way around Squeeze in and all the way around Oops!

Making little E’s pretty much This is a really easy way to decorate a cake And make it look beautiful all at the same time, Ok so we have layer one done with our dark. We actually do have a little bit left I thought we would need a little bit more So we probably used about a cup and a half So now for our next color. so let’s cut this baby out And put it in the new one Alright so I have my medium color here I’m going to throw it in our bag again Our tip And let’s fill ‘er up!

You’ll wanna go in between and fill in that way So that it will fill in any gaps there So let’s do it! Round and round you go! Wow! It’s looking so beautiful! I love it! Ok so I actually, I think I might just do the next layer Since it’s smaller Next layer with the same color cause. I still have some more And then we’ll just do the top all the lighter color Cause we’re kinda runnin’ low on that So let’s just keep on goin’ with this one.

Alright, now we’re cookin’! Wow! Alright, so that is lookin’ gorgeous! So now we just have the top layer to do So easy! Cut this baby out again And we will put our lightest color in And then we’ll top ‘er off and we’ll be done! This is the easy part! Cause now you just get to go around on top Beautiful! One more, come on, you can do it! Oh my gosh, it looks gorgeous! I cannot wait to sink my teeth into it! So let’s just decorate just a little bit We have our beautiful sparkly ribbon here.

That I’m just gonna wrap around the bottom I wanted to do this to make it glimmer and shimmer for The New Year! Aww! That looks beautiful with the little sparkle and shine Doesn’t it? And now for our little topper, I found this on Amazon I will put the link down below So you can get one for yourself They had all kinds of stuff too Different sayings and everything!

So you can use it for whatever cake you want So it’s just very simple it has the little pokers in there And we’re just gonna stick it right in Alright so just line it up where you want it And stick it right in there Tah Duh! Alright, guys! Well, thanks for watching this was so fun to make! And like I said you can make this for anything.

It’s so easy to do and it comes out so beautifully Even if you don’t know what you’re doing! I think we got lucky! (Ding) So excited for the birthday It’s gonna be such a blast keep making my treats for you guys!

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