How Powerful Are Necromancers?

Hello, guys today I will be talking about the Necromancers and how powerful they are. Discussing the various versions of necromancers, their history, abilities, and finally talking about their power level. So without further ado, let’s get into the lore. Most know the necromancers as the undead humans serving the Scourge, however, there is a lot more depth and variety to them.

Necromancy is something that has existed in the Warcraft universe from the beginning of time and numerous races have practiced it through various types of magic. To put it simply a necromancer is a practitioner of dark arts utilizing them in order to raise and control the dead. However, there are various classifications from warlocks to priest and even mages and all of them have managed to accomplish a similar goal. there are different types of necromancers with different necromancer names in the world.

Our first interaction with necromancers was when the Burning Legion, specifically the nathrezim reanimated the dead some 10 thousand years ago. Then we had seen the trolls utilizing voodoo to raise zombies and other types of undead trolls, mainly through the guidance of Hakkar. Later there was the smog that practiced the spirit-capture magic, the ogre as well as the orc warlocks.

Orc warlocks were the first notable necromancers mainly because of the sudden surge of power as well as a shift in their culture. Throughout their history the orcs had revered the ancestors more than anything, building various rituals around this worship. However when the Burning Legion had influenced the orcs and Gul’Dan came to power this completely shifted.

He gathered the warlocks and taught them necromancy creating a specific type of necromancer known as a necrolytic which was a mix between a warlock and a shadow priest. Through this power, he would create the first-ever death knights by infusing dead stormwind knights with spirits of warlocks. Finally from this would evolve the most popular interpretation of the Necromancers the Scourge spellcasters. Also, read- good necromancer names

The magi of Dalaran were long aware of this dark power but had strictly out ruled it punishing anyone who would even think about delving into it. However, the archmage Kel’Thuzad was growing more and more curious. Through the knowledge of the School of Necromancy, he created his order of necromancers and would be essentially responsible for the fall of Lordaeron, the growth of the Scourge, and ultimately the destruction of Dalaran.

Necromancers would later play a massive role in building the Scourge and were the most valuable assets and would even be used to this day by Sylvanas Windrunner. So with this brief history how powerful are the necromancers and what are their abilities? Even though there are various versions of these spellcasters it all comes down to one thing, utilizing dark magic to raise undead. Also, read- Badass necromancer names

Necromancy has been used through a wide spectrum of abilities. We’ve seen mindless zombies created, brainless skeletons, intelligent beings like the death knights, and even constructs from minor ones such as abominations to flesh titans. It is unclear how exactly necromancy works but the power of the spellcaster affects their ability quite a lot.

Raising ghouls, skeletons and mindless undead generally seems to come quite easily, and almost any necromancer can do it. However, putting different parts together and raising abominations seems to be a lot more difficult. There are teams of necromancers that have worked on building giant constructs such as the flesh titans and there seems to be a lot of detail and work required to create an intelligent undead.

The ability of a necromancer is also highly dictated by the material he is working with, so in order to create a powerful minion, he would need an intelligent brain and possibly multiple well-preserved body parts. Aside from their most powerful ability which is raising undead they can also conjure festering diseases, cast offensive magic in forms of a bolt of energy, and even chill the living with the power of death.

Even though they are mainly used for sinister purposes we have seen the utilization of necromancers by the forsaken in order to preserve and maintain the current undead. So aside from creating monstrosities they can also fix up and preserve undead. Also, read- female necromancer names

As necromancy much like fel magic is a highly volatile and dangerous form of magic – few necromancers are uncorrupted and through practicing magic even if they are not undead they eventually slip into undeath. Hollow eyes, sunken skin, foul odor among other things are some of the characteristics that they eventually embody. Originally necromancers were supposed to be a playable class but Blizzard opted for death knights, however, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t become a playable class at some point in the future.

While a power level of a necromancer can range from minor to very powerful, on average they are extremely dangerous spellcasters. Necromancers are enemies of life itself and are responsible for some of the worst atrocities and evils committed upon not just Azerothbut across the universe.

So in terms of power, I would say that Necromancersalong with warlocks and shadow priests are some of the most powerful spellcasters in the entire universe. Thank you for watching it. Check out 10 storylines you should know forWoW classic by clicking on the screen and check out the second channel Doron’s Academy to learn about real-world history and science. See you next time!

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