6 Essential Things To Pack For Traveling

Essential Things To Pack For Traveling – While our backpacks can be filled with all kinds of items depending on whether we’re going for a multi-country, multi-season trip or only visiting a new city for a couple of days, there are certain items we’re still picking up from the travel list. These are our routine needs, the fundamentals that are used day in day out on every journey. Wherever you go, these are the important items to prepare for traveling, however long they might be.

Essential Things To Pack For Traveling

Pen and paper 

So quick to forget, but too easy to. A good old-fashioned pen and a notebook are important for amazingly convenient travel. You don’t want to be the person standing in line at the customs booth to use the one pad, or you have to remind your fellow passengers whether it’s time to fill up the landing pass. Getting a little diary to jot down a phone number, address or helpful piece of information easily makes it even simpler. Especially when your phone is silent, or if it takes an answer forever!


Their hands are one of the body’s most essential pieces, they are your devices. When doing day-to-day outdoor activities, they require appropriate security for that. That is where the image of the tactical gloves comes in. Of those participating in military training operations, motorsports, or other law enforcement agency they are a must. Police, constable, and soldiers both need safe and covered hands. Every modern guy who wants to get into physical work such as motorsports, gardening, etc. still needs these gloves these days, not just them.

Hand Sanitiser & Tissues

No toilet wash, and/or soap? No toilet paper and you really want to leave? Hey, you’ll be glad to have brought some pocket tissues and a mini hand sanitizer tube.

Water Bottle 

When, like me, you can comfortably spill a gallon of water a day (and that’s not just in hot countries), so you’ll soon know how much the world and your wallet are paying. Reduce the reliance on bottled water and bring your own reusable bottle of water. Over the years, we ‘ve had a few odd ones but they’re new converts to Nalgene and we’re never going to look back! We each hold one bottle of 1L Tritan Big Mouth. Fill-up is fast, super lightweight, and durable. You can loop it with a backpack harness, stick it in the side pocket or simply hold it with a cap band.

If you’re heading to a place where you can’t drink the drinking water, take those water purification tablets with you, or even better invest in a SteriPEN. The Nalgene bottle markings make it easy to see how much water you have and to find out the right tablet: water ratio. Fill up at sinks, water fountains or coolers, at airports, bars, public parks, lobbies hotels-everywhere!

Worldwide Travel Adaptor

If you’re moving to a place with another power socket connection, you’re going to need a portable adapter to use all of your chargers or adapters. If you’re flying around the globe to lots of different countries then save yourself some hassle and grab a one-adapter-does-it-all kit. Skross Pro World & USB adaptor is our option. The two USB ports are super convenient, and all our electrical devices, including the laptop, can be powered. The number of times I blew the fuse in our former adapters when trying to use my hairdryer made Del crazy.

Power Bank

A portable power bank is a solution for those days where you have no access to a wall socket but need to charge anything from your cell to a camera battery, or even a laptop. I came to the mobile party pretty late, but until I got one I couldn’t work out how anyone around me was continuously playing football, watching videos, and browsing through Instagram without their batteries disappearing in a second. And then my friend shared with me the wisdom of the power bank and it all became apparent. We now have a compact portable one for fast phone use, and a harder duty one able to charge our laptop, or two laptops at the same time.

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