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Classification of Computers

Classification of Computers – In this post, we are going to discuss about the classification of computers in the old days when the first computers entered the market when they were using transistors they started using semiconductor chips and finally they started using microprocessors Graduated in order to initially classify computers or new generation technologies […]

Block Diagram Of Computer System

Block Diagram Of Computer System – A typical computer system irrespective of its size, class or type consists of hardware and software, integrated and synchronized together to perform computational work or data processing. Computer Anatomy is concerned with the way the various functional units operate and how they are connected together to form the computer system.  Block Diagram […]

Basic Components Of Computer

A System is defined as a set of interacting elements, responding to inputs so as to produce outputs. A computer system also consists of the following elements or components. Software Hardware Fireware Humanware 1. Software Software – All the intangible Component Of Computer systems are known as software. The intangible component means those components or parts, which […]

Parts of PowerPoint Window

Parts of PowerPoint Window – Let us discuss the various important parts of the PowerPoint window –  Parts of PowerPoint Window File Tab – The File tab replaces the Office button from PowerPoint 2007. You can click it to check backstage view, which is the place to come when you need to open or save […]

Features of PowerPoint 2010

Features of PowerPoint 2010 – Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 enables you to quickly create high- impact, dynamic presentation. some of the important features of PowerPoint 2010 are –  Features of PowerPoint 2010 Intuitive user interface – PowerPoint 2010 has a new intuitive user interface called the Ribbon that helps you create better presentation much more quickly […]

10 things About RTE Act 2009

In this post, 10 things will be told about the Right to Education Act 2009. We will discuss about them one by one. Compulsory and free education for all In India, it is mandatory for the government to provide free and compulsory education to every child in a neighborhood school within 1 km up to […]

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