Birthday Celebration Ideas During Quarantine

Hello friends! In today’s article, I have 14 birthday ideas for while we’re in quarantine. Yes, I know that a lot of states and a lot of countries are beginning to reopen businesses and kind of relax lockdown and quarantine. But I do think that we are still going to be honoring the social distancing rules for many months to come. We still want to celebrate with our friends and our family. For those of us who are parents we still want to throw an awesome amazing birthday party for our children.

I’m not sure what the future looks like, but I know that birthday parties will always be around, will always be popular, and we will always want to celebrate our children’s birthdays and our birthdays our self. So I thought I would come up with 14 fun ideas for those of us still in quarantine and still following social distancing rules. If we were meeting for the first time, I am passionate about bringing families closer together through fun and games. And I would love for you to join this incredible community of parents and teachers, and church people and those of us who think family is important.

But let’s jump into today’s article. Here we go. The first idea to celebrate your birthday is drive-by parades. I have seen this all over Facebook and it looks so cool. This is where you invite your friends and family to jump in their car and just do a drive-by your house. Where you or your birthday child stands out on the front lawn and waves to your family and friends as they drive by with posters decorating their vehicle and balloons.

If you want to wish your friend a very happy birthday via Whatsapp then you have to select beautiful and interesting birthday status for friends.

And it’s just like a parade of those who love you and are wishing you happy birthday. I love that idea! Number two is the giant happy birthday signs. I don’t know about you, but I recently saw this in my neighborhood. I know that there are local companies who will deliver these signs to your house and install them in your front yard for you which is really cool. If you don’t want to go with a company, Amazon has them as well as Walmart. I will link some really awesome signs down in the description box below. Idea number three is a Zoom birthday party. Okay, you may be familiar with this. You may have seen me do one or three videos on Zoom parties.

Throw your family and friends a birthday party online through a video conferencing app such as Zoom. There are other apps. And play some fun games. For some ideas, I will leave a playlist right up here for you to watch after this video. Idea number four is a porch picnic. This works great if you have a front porch and some lawn chairs. Go ahead and space out your lawn chairs six feet apart from people and a good distance from the porch. And have your family and friends visit you. This works better, I should say, I should preface this by saying, this works better for a small party. You know where you just have your family over or a couple of good friends. Enjoy communing with each other and talking, singing happy birthday. Could also serve some light refreshments. But make sure you’re practicing the social distancing rules and wiping things down and being safe and healthy.

The next idea is the birthday video. I don’t know about you but I used to do these for my son when he was little. I put together a montage of his best childhood moments and I slide to a presentation that was about 10 or 15 minutes long. And we would show it at every birthday party. We would bring that sucker out and we would just have fun laughing. Make it short. Five minutes. I wouldn’t suggest 15 minutes. 15 minutes is always too long. I was just about a five-minute video. Send it to all of your friends online.

You can make a YouTube video, you can put on Facebook, you could private it and just send it out. There are so many ways that you could share a video montage to celebrate your birthday or at your child’s birthday. The next idea is to host a Netflix watch party. There’s a Netflix party extension on Chrome. I haven’t used it yet but I’ve heard so much about it that I want to do this. Where you can all watch the same Netflix movie or Netflix show at the same time. I think this is a fantastic idea. You could also be face-timing or doing a Zoom app at the same time that you’re watching this Netflix movie together. I think that would be a fun way especially if the birthday person is very into movies. If you’re like me and you go to the zoo on your birthday. No? Is that just me and small children? You can tour the San Diego Zoo online. I think this is so cool. Also read- be happy status

You can see what the San Diego Zoo animals are up to. If the birthday person is into museums there are free museums that do this. I will link the San Diego Zoo one down in the description box. The next couple of ideas are ones that you can do strictly at home with your family. The first idea to make this birthday pretty special, especially for children, is to have an at-home camp. Plan for a mores treat. Make sure you bring out the lantern and sleeping bags. Do some little, you know, cutesy little ghost stories. Get the flashlights out. And have just a little at-home campout. It could be an hour or it could be all night that’s depending on the ages of the children. For little babies, I want to throw this out here because some of you might be looking out for ideas for little kids. It’s a nice ball pit you can use this inflatable pool that I bought here. And just fill it with tons of balls. It would be something out of the ordinary.

Prince or princess for a day for little kids. Or king and queen for bigger kids for a day. What does this mean? It means that if you are the birthday king’s birthday queen birthday Prince’s birthday princess everybody has to do what you say. So whatever you suggest do that day all of your family members have to go along with it. What little kid wouldn’t want to be a princess or Prince for a day? Family game night. Bring out those board games that you haven’t brought out in a while. If this is something you typically do on a weekly basis then skip this one. I’m talking to those of you who don’t play board games on a weekly basis. Then bring those out for the special occasion and make it unique for a family game night. Make something. Make a craft. You could do friendship bracelets. You could paint something. The possibilities are endless. I keep getting emails from Michael’s craft store trying to get me to do something crafty.

To see what your local craft store has on special and get something that you think the birthday person would really enjoy. This especially for a crafty birthday party. Idea number 13 is a Neighborhood Safari. This one is perfect for preschoolers. If you live in a great neighborhood and you know your neighbors or you have some kind of neighborhood Facebook page or next door app where you can communicate with your neighbors. Ask them if they will put a stuffed animal, doesn’t have to be a bear, it could be any stuffed animal, in their window. And then take your little one on a walk, a safari walk, around the neighborhood and see how many animals you can spot. And the final idea is to have an at-home balloon scavenger hunt. This is great for smaller children. Go ahead and hide the balloons around your house and see if they can find all of them. Then you’ll end up with a room full of balloons that everybody can be playing with. The balloon game options are endless.

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