Best Tips To Kick Start Your Travel Journey

Tips For Booking Airline’s Tickets:

If you book your tickets online, make sure that you receive all the correct documentation. You may need written confirmation from the airline, for your tickets to be collected. If your airline hasn’t issued you with a seat assignment, ring them up and ask for one. If you find that the plane has been overbooked, it is travelers without a seat number that are amongst those bumped off first.

If you intend to upgrade your ticket at the airport, ensure you are dressed presentably. Men trying to enter first-class should avoid jeans, shorts, and trainers – stick to a buttoned shirt and more traditional trousers. Women should wear smart clothes or business attire.

Make sure you reconfirm your flight details the day before you are due to travel. Leave contact details with the airline in case arrangements change after your conversation. You also need to leave your temporary contact details with the airline, so they can inform you of any changes to your return flight – reconfirm this the day before travel as well.

Aim to arrive at the airport about two and a half hours (longer if specified) before your flight – especially as the more stringent security measures are time-consuming.

If your flight is canceled when you are in the airport, don’t queue with all the other disgruntled passengers – find the nearest telephone and ring the airline’s number (usually 1-800, so it doesn’t cost you anything) and book effectively from the front of the queue. Book your flight with Delta Airlines and make your journey cheaper and convenient. Know more about Delta Flights

Tips To Combating Jet Lag:

Unfortunately, there is no tablet or single remedy that will prevent or cure all the symptoms of jetlag – fortunately, there are several actions that can be taken to greatly reduce their effects!

Firstly you should begin to prevent jetlag before you even travel. Begin to shift your daily routine (eg. meal and bedtimes) towards that of your destination, over the week before you leave. Avoiding one large move to your pattern of behavior on arrival will really help to decrease any symptoms of jetlag you may suffer from.

Also, try to book your tickets so that you arrive in the evening, as the darkness should help your body get into sleep mode. Hopefully, you will be able to get a good night’s rest and start the day fresh, with the sunlight in the new environment to boost your activity levels.

During your flight make sure you avoid alcohol – being a general depressant, it can induce fatigue and lethargy (symptoms of jetlag), and yet give only disturbed unrefreshing sleep. Also, it is a diuretic, and so contributes to the dehydration (one of the factors leading to jetlag), that’s very common as a result of the cabin environment.

Try to rehydrate as much as possible during the flight, drinking plenty of water but avoiding caffeine and sugar, which will have a dehydrating effect. Once your fluid levels are back to normal, you can use caffeine at your destination to help keep you awake, if you arrive during daylight hours.

Swelling of the body, including the intestines, is a side effect of the low pressure, high altitude cabin environment – as bowel problems are associated with jetlag, you should think about what you are going to eat. Those living or working at high altitudes find that diets high in carbohydrates and low in proteins are beneficial to their general functioning, you may like to try this – but you will have to bring your own food, as airline meals are usually high in fat and low in carbohydrates.

The most important way of combating jetlag is to adapt your body to local time as swiftly as you can. Change your watch as soon as you touch down. Arriving in the morning following a night flight means you should only have a brief nap before keeping yourself up until bedtime. Don’t try to do anything too stressful or energetic on your first day, but a little exercise in the sun is likely to help you stay awake. You should also avoid heavy, rich meals. If you have to bring your bedtime forward to follow local habits, avoid caffeine for at least 5 hours before you intend to sleep.

Spend as much time as possible in the sun – natural light is detected by the body and alters the production of hormones controlling the sleep cycle. If you have work or meetings that you need to attend soon after arriving, try to arrange them for when you will have the most energy – that is in the mornings having traveled west and in the evenings following a journey east. If you are planning to book a flight on Delta Basic Economy, you must read it for once.

Tips To Getting Settle In Hotel

Check your bags once you arrive at the hotel. Ask to have your reservation confirmed, give them your charge card number, and go on your way. Reason: You’ll sidestep convention check-in lines.

To avoid the long line after the convention, go down to the desk very early in the morning, before official checkout time, and check out. You won’t have to turn in your room key, and you can still use your room until official checkout time (usually around 1 PM).

Don’t stay in your hotel room if you’re waiting for a call. If notified, the hotel operator will transfer your calls to another room, interrupt the call you’re on for a more important one, or hold calls while you run out for a soda.

Save money by not paying for things you didn’t order. Don’t charge anything to your hotel room. It’s too confusing to verify the list of room charges when you’re checking out. Most travelers just sign and pay without looking at the list. If you don’t charge anything at all, you’ll know that extra item on your bill can’t be yours, How to do it.- Pay cash for room service, laundry, etc. Use your credit card for food.

And don’t depend on the hotel only for information. If you need a service in a strange city (typing, film developing, etc.), call the local convention bureau. It’s specifically set up to help out-of-town business people, and there is a convention bureau in every city.

Discounted Travel Deals For Senior Citizens:

Reaching 50 or 55 or 60 years of age has its privileges in the marketplace. Businesses want your business, and many are willing to give you a price break to get it if you carry credentials that prove your birth date. Policies do change over time, so always ask about discounts for senior citizens wherever you shop. 

Attractive current deals.-

  1. Free cruises for single men. Because unattached males of a certain age are very scarce, two cruise lines offer free travel to single men over 50 who will act as paid hosts to the many single women on board the ship. 
  1. Duties include dancing, serving as dining partners, and mingling with female passengers. No favoritism, no romantic entanglements.
  1. Royal Cruise Lines, Host Program, I Maritime Plaza, Suite 1400, San Francisco 94111. The Delta Queen Steamboat Co., Robin Street Wharf, New Orleans 70130.
  1. Great Britain blanket admission. Great British Heritage Pass is good for admission to more than 600 castles, palaces, homes, and gardens. Included The Tower of London and Windsor Castle. British Tourist Authority, 40 W. 57 St., New York 10019.
  1. Great Britain by Rail Most European railroads offer senior citizens discounts. But few can match those in Britain. Passes offer reduced rates on limited first-class travel throughout England, Scotland, and Wales. Note.- Passes must be purchased through a travel agent in the US BritRail, 1500 Broadway, Suite I 000, New York 10036.
  1. National parks passport. Golden Age Passport provides @ lifetime admission to all of the federal government’s parks, monuments, and recreation areas for people over 62. Users also get half off on all fees-camping, boat launching, parking, tours, etc. The pass covers the holder and any passengers in a single-family vehicle.
  1. Not available by mail. Passports can be obtained at any national park where an entrance fee is charged. Proof of age required. More information: National Park Service, Box 37127, Washington, DC 20013.
  1. The big discount Most airlines, car-rental companies, and hotels offer discounts of 10% or more to travelers over 50. When you make reservations, always ask if a senior citizens’ discount is available. Required.- Some form of identification-a driver’s license is usually sufficient. Warning.- Sometimes rates even lower than the senior citizens’ discount are offered. Ask if the rate you’re getting is the lowest one.
  1. Automobile insurance. State Farm Insurance Company, Nationwide Insurance, Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, Allstate Insurance Company, and AARP (American Association for Retired Persons) all offer special “senior rates” for good drivers.
  1. Cruises. If you are willing to go on short notice, you can get discounts as high as 50%. Check with agencies such as Encore Short Notice (800) 6388976, Moment’s Notice (213) 486-0505, Vacations to Go (800) 624-7338, or Last Minute Travel Club (617)267-9800.
  1. Lodging. You can stay in homes all over the world for very little or if you are also willing to take in some senior travelers. INNer Lodging Co-op, Tacoma, WA 98407, (206)756-0343 serves the United States and Canada, and Servas, II John St., New York 10038, (212) 267-0252, has an international network of hosts.
  1. Retail. Many stores offer 10% discounts or have special sale days for senior citizens. Check local newspapers for local deals for seniors or simply ask before shopping.

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