Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension for Blogger & WordPress 2020

Best 6 SEO Google Chrome Extension – Hello friends, today I have brought a very good topic for you. In which Chrome Extension will be told about Best 6 Seo Tools. This tool is free, you do not have to pay any. 

Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension

Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension
Chrome Web Store

To download SEO Chrome Extension, you have to go to Google to search there. The first thing you have to write in the search flood is the Chrome Web Store. Now you have the first time to know that gender is coming.

Clicking on the link will direct you to Chrome Web Store. where you can download Chrome Extension in your Chrome browser.

You can Download Unlimited Extension for free. But today I will call it 6 Extension which is related to Seo. By the way, a lot of Extensions related to SEO are available in Chrome Web Store.

Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension

The best 6 Seo Extension list is given below.

1. Color by Fardos – Our first Seo Extension is Color by Fardos.  In this, you will get the biggest benefit, When you go to a website, you like a color, then you do not know what is the Html Code of this Color. 

Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension

If you add this extension in your chrome browser, it will tell you the color Html Code

2. Awesome ScreenshotAwesome Screenshot is Second Seo Extension.  If you search this extension in the Chrome Web Store, then the extension that has come first is to be added.

Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension

Many times we have this that we have to bring the screenshot of the website but if we are unable to take the full-page screenshot, then this extension helps to take the full page screenshot

3. Just Read – Let us now talk about the next extension called Just Read. 

Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension

What happens when you read a web page, you see many advertisements, as well as pops, then we have trouble reading. Just Read Extension the content that is read in detail, besides it will hide the advertisement.

4. Save To Pocket – The biggest benefit of Save to Pocket Extension is that you are reading an article or watching videos on youtube.  You have to read this work and your pack of the internet is ending. 

Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension

 If you are unable to read the article or watch the videos, then you can signup save to Pocket Extension, and you can save your article by saving the page or video.

5. CSS Viewer – The benefits of CSS Viewer Extension is that you like a website. This extension will show all the properties of that website and will tell the details of the color and design of the website.

Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension

6. Print-Friendly & Pdf –  This Extension Print-Friendly & Pdf works when the web page is mail to someone without an image so this extension is used.  We can also take Page pdf.

Best 6 SEO Chrome Extension

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