Advanced Technical SEO 2020 Simple Learn

Advanced Technical SEO 2020 – Through this post, we will tell you how the Technical SEO 2020 is done on your website. Explained in a simple way.

If the Technical SEO has been done correctly on your website, then there is no problem that your website will be ranked on Google.

Advanced Technical SEO 2020

Advanced Technical SEO 2020

If there is something wrong with Technical SEO on your website. Anyone who had worked hard on their website related to SEO will be spoiled. And do not perform properly in Google’s Search Engine.

Whatever SEO you do except content on your website is called Technical SEO. While designing our website, we have to take care of everything. like – where is the hosting?, Design, Navigation, Architecture, And how is the Page Speed of the website?

Let’s understand how the step by step Technical SEO Point is done and how can we make our website perfect.

1. Web Hosting And Domain Name

Web Hosting And Domain Name – Many people do not consider Web Hosting And Domain Name as Technical SEO. But it does not appear on the Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO Here. But Web Hosting And Domain Name indirect role play in Technical SEO.

Your domain name only lets Google know what your website is about. There are four basic types of Domains that we can purchase.

  1. Brand Name
  2. Company Name 
  3. Your Name
  4. Keywords

If you want to create a brand or you want to make your company-related, you can take the domain name in the name of it. If you want to earn money, you can also buy a domain related to a keyword.

You will also have to see what is the quality of the hosting purchased? Sharing Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPN Hosting, etc. There are many more facts in hosting which can spoil your ranking. Whenever you do a hosting, properly check that the hosting is right for you.

2. Page Speed

Page Speed – Google takes page speed very seriously. Especially on page speed of mobile. You can check your data by going to Think with Google, what can happen due to reduced page speed? If your website is on WordPress then you will get lots of plugins.  With which you can do page speedup of the website. Plugins are eg – Wp Super Caches, Wp fastest Cache, Wp rocket, Smush, autoptimize, lightspeed cache, critical CSS, short pixel. Check Your Page Speed

3. Site Architecture

Site Architecture – The more visitors like your website, the more the search engine will like your website. And your website will rank on Google. Site architecture means that the design of your website is good and should be very good to see so that search engines can easily crowd your website.

For this, you can use a good theme. Your website should have only 7 to 8 Categories, along with 14 to 15 Subcategories. There should not be more categories on your website. 

You create Navigation on the website correctly.  Which should be the main category and add pages like about, contact, privacy, etc. Here you can also give the Header or Footer of the website. You do Internal Linking in every post so that it is easy for the visitor to navigate. It helps to increase your page views. 

4. SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate – SSL means that SSL is installed in your website, website Secure which is installed in the website, if there is no SSL, then there is no website Secure, which contains Http, so we have to purchase SSL to Secure your website. It is with SSL installed that viewers remain confident that their data is saved. There are many websites that provide SSL for you for free. This SSL can be added to the website. Read – Free SSL Certificate

5. 404 Errors

404 Errors – Suppose you delete a post on your website, you will see 404 errors in the post. You must have given many Internal Linking to that post, you will have made many backlinks of it and also shared it, but for many reasons, you must have deleted that post. Due to which you may see 404 error. You will see such 404 error posts in the Search Console. Fix these 404 errors as soon as possible. If possible, make the 404 error page look good so that visitors do not a back button. And go to other related posts. 

6. Broken Links

Broken Links – When you give a link from your website to another website or give backlinks, then later that website gets deleted due to some reason, that link is called broken links.

With more Broken Links on your website, the Search Console feels that your website has useless content. This can result in your ranking down, as well as any problems in your Adsense Account. There are many tools that will help you in detecting broken links. And fix them quickly. You can Check Broken Links from these Websites,,,

7. Robots.txt And XML Sitemap

Robots.txt And XML SitemapRobots.txt is a text file that gives instruction to the Search Console, which asks the console website to crowd the posts or not. You have to build a Sitemap and submit it to the Search Console. This sitemap occurs in the XML language. In our website, sitemaps play a lot of roles as it helps to find, crowd and index the post.

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