8 Simple Rules to help your Look Beautiful without Makeup

Nature has always been all the rage and many girls spend a lot of time and energy trying to be without makeup. But if you follow certain rules of personal care, you can be beautiful without removing your makeup. Here we offer 8 tips to make you look beautiful. If you don’t know how to do makeup or what are the basic makeup rules then this post is specially written for you.

Tidy your Eyebrows

Eyebrows will inevitably appear on the face without makeup. Give them the right shape and focus on the shape of the face. If necessary, use a shade that matches the color of the hair so that it does not stain the dye or henna. If nature does not reward you with smart eyebrows, you should lubricate your hair with a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A every day – you will see it change in a few weeks.

Emphasize the Eyes

If your eyes are wider, you can bend the lashes a bit and then cover them with transparent gel. Heavy artillery can also be used in assembly.

Get rid of dark circles under the eyes. First check the diet, this may be due to a deficiency of iron or vitamin B (these are sufficient in animal liver and red meat). For a skin around the eyes, choose a whitening cream or a cream that contains retinol. Cold compresses based on mint and green tea are very useful.

Whiten Tooth Enamel

A sincere smile adds +100 to each of your expressions, so make sure there’s nothing stopping your charm. After using bleach, especially wine or coffee, remember not to overuse these products. If the tooth enamel is naturally gray or light yellow, use a professional bleach.

Don’t forget about Lips

Nutrition, hydration and proper cleaning – all this is necessary not only for the skin of the face but also for the lips. When using hygienic lipsticks, olives or other natural oils can sometimes be used instead. Massage your lips with a soft toothbrush or fingertip once a week. The toothbrush should be moistened and soaked in sugar.

Watch your Hair

In the face of dull hair colors and hairstyles, if you do not wear makeup, your face will disappear. Choose simple shapes and natural colors because the more radical solutions get a natural look. Cut open end regularly, use protective filtration products, do not over-filter with fashionable products. Coconut oil helps lighten your hair and also helps to dandruff, dryness and other problems. Regular rinsing with herbal soup (sage, brown oak bark, chamomile and lime) also helps produce shine.

Use Sunscreen

Ultraviolet radiation not only increases the possibility of premature wrinkles and other unpleasant “wrongs” in skin wrinkles, but also increases the development of cancer, especially for people with delicate skin. Therefore, products with UV filters should not only be used on the beach in the summer, but also at other times of the year.

Care for your Skin

Cosmetics should not be washed more than twice a day with water, preferably before bed, and in the morning limited to milk, lotions or supplements. The most important thing is not to rub the skin too much as this will damage the skin. It is useful to use the mask once a week, for example, based on white clay, if the skin is not very sensitive, it can be applied with care.

Review Diet

Research confirms the direct relationship between skin conditions and our diet. Products such as oily fish, vegetable oil, seeds, and nuts are especially important as they are a source of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and carotene, which are the most important weapon against free radicals. Yogurt products should also be included in the menu as this is key to the health of the microbial community.

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