Classification of Computers


Classification of Computers – In this post, we are going to discuss about the classification of computers in the old days when the first computers entered the market when they were using transistors they started using semiconductor chips and finally they started using microprocessors Graduated in order to initially classify computers or new generation technologies according to chips or transistors Or was that they were using but now since all computers use microprocessors they are now classified based on their size.

Classification of Computers

These types of computers are the most important desktops based on their size that we use in our homes or next offices we have desks and use laptops, tablet servers are mainframes and supercomputers, so these six types Let’s have a computer that we use today.

Let’s look at the first type which is a desktop. As you can see here it has a CPU. It has a monitor that has a keyboard. Desktop or personal computers were first introduced by IBM which they are personal Was designed to be used by jus a single person and consist of a CPU monitor keyboard and mouse, to run the desktop.

There are four essential components, the laptops were introduced in the 2000s and are also called a notebook computer or simply a notebook because as you can see. As good as a notebook that you can keep in your hand.

The best thing about laptops is that they have chips for energy efficiency because they run on batteries, so they need to build up energy efficiency. So that the battery has a longer life.

Laptops can be small in size, but they have sufficient processing power to support all office tasks, even website design software development or audio and video editing as any personal computer is capable of doing.

Let’s see if the tablet is enough to be in our hands despite its small size as a desktop processor. The power is the same, it usually shows a sensitive screen of 5 to 10-inch keyboards, but only when you need it is that application or software running on these tablets is called for those tablets, The operating system for is provided by Microsoft or Google, the operating system provided by Microsoft is called Windows 8 and provided by Google Security was able to Android using most mobile of you.

Or tablets that got the Android operating system, although Apple computers have their own tablets and their own proprietary operating system called i / os supercomputer which is the largest computer on earth and not only the largest but also the fastest computer on earth Which they are typically very complex processing in terms of molecular mapping and research weather forecasting.

Currently, Chinese supercomputer Sunway they oolite is the world’s fastest supercomputer. Now we have discussed in the previous video that the speed of a computer per second is used for environmental research or even oil and gas exploration Megabits per kilo or bits per second can be in Gigabits.

But for a supercomputer, the benchmark is Teraflops which is a 10 to 12 power float. C point operation floating per the second point, which means the decimal numbers so any time they are 10 to the power of 12 counts of 10 decimal numbers.

The other one which is the giant and Chinese supercomputer that we have talked about has a rating or speed of 93 petaflops which means ninety-three quadrillion floating-point calculations per second which are really huge so in this post, we covered various Have learned about types of computers. In the next video, we are going to discuss the servers that provide us a lot of services in real life.

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