Basic Components Of Computer


A System is defined as a set of interacting elements, responding to inputs so as to produce outputs.

A computer system also consists of the following elements or components.

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Fireware
  • Humanware

1. Software

Software – All the intangible Component Of Computer systems are known as software. The intangible component means those components or parts, which we say that all those computer applications or programs, which run behind the monitor`s screen, are known as software.

Example – Windows, Notepad, Microsoft Word, Excel, Windows Media Player, etc.

2. Hardware

Hardware – All the tangible Component Of Computer systems are known as hardware. The tangible component means all the physical components of the computer system, which we can touch and can freely move from one place to another.

Example – CPU (Microprocessor), Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Printer, Scanner, etc.

3. Firmware

Firmware – Fireware can be defined as a group of software and hardware. Because in a computer system, without hardware components, the software has no meaning and without components, hardware has no meaning i.e. Both of these components (software & hardware) are mutually dependent. Both of them must work together in order to make the computer produce some useful output. This group is called a Firmware. 

Example – All the software applications or programs are installed in the hard disk, which is a hardware component. 

4. Humanware

Humanware – User or an operator, who uses the computer professional, a student, a novice user (beginner) or any other person, who operates the computer machine for completing his / her task.

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